Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: Tundra in its true colors

Within the framework of the Permafrost Component of the Komi Republic UNDP/GEF/EU project, the community-focused environmental education project “Tundra in Its True Colors has been implemented by the PrognozKomi Company. The project is dedicated to tundra and reindeer breeders in the Republic of Komi, who live in this unique northern ecosystem.

A large team of creative thinkers worked on the project. An artist, a designer, some writers and other experts created an educational set consisting of two parts: the children’s playset “The Magic Tundra” and the Tundra in Its True Colors book for adults.

The children’s playset is related to environmental education, and all its elements describe a unique region of our country – tundra, which is also known as “the permafrost kingdom”. This playset has been created to tell children about natural and climatic specifics of tundra, permafrost peatlands, tundra plants and animals and human activities in this climatic zone. The Magic Tundra playset is based on the stories and essays written by the children of reindeer breeders, who live in this northern area, and it consists of the children’s book “The Amazing Tundra”, the puzzle game “Chum” and the mini construction set “My First Team of Reindeer”.

The Tundra in Its True Colors book has been created for adults who are interested in northern nature and the northern way of life.

The project participants wanted to tell about the beauty and uniqueness of harsh northern lands, their fragile and vulnerable nature and the need to conserve them under changing climate. Reindeer breeders live in these harsh lands, venerate their forefathers’ traditions and breed reindeer. The Tundra in Its True Colors book tells about all this and many other things.