Do you need support to design or implement effective and appropriate climate change policies and actions?

The Clima East Expert Facility offers expert support to eligible applicants from Eastern Partnership Countries for developing and implementing national climate change policy.

In the light of the high interest in the Expert Facility and the expressed need to support cross-institutional collaboration in climate action, additional resources have been allocated by the European Union. The total budget available for approved activities under the Expert Facility is now increased from €1,000,000 to €2,044,480 with a maximum 50 expert mandays per application.

Who is eligible to apply?

In order to encourage and support cross-institutional collaboration in climate action, applications to Expert facility are now open to a broader public, including not only ministries but also other national or local authorities as well as civil organisations. In this regard, applications may now be made under two different “tracks”, according to the nature of the applying stakeholders.

Regional applications – gathering stakeholders from different countries within a same project – are also very welcome.

How to apply?

Guidance on eligibility for support and on the application and approval process is set out in the Expert Facility Application Guide downloadable from the following page both in English and Russian:

Should you have any questions regarding the EF and its application process please do not hesitate to contact the Expert Facility Manager, Mr Roman Tertychnyy ([email protected]).

Applications received later than the announced deadline will only be processed at a later hence allowing for a later start of requested activities.

Applications received under Round 4 Call for Applications are now being evaluated. A new round of applications will be open shortly for new applications to be submitted.