Trainings on improved management of pasture and forest conducted in Gegharkunik Marz

Date: 17-18 December 2014
Time: 2 Full Days
Venue: Gegharkunik, Armenia


On 17-18 December 2014 trainings on sustainable management of mountain ecosystems, specifically forest and pasture, under changing climate conditions were conducted in the scope of the Clima East Pilot Project in Armenia. The topics included but were not limited to: mountain ecosystem services, climate change and vulnerability of ecosystems, sustainable management of mountain forests and rangeland along with proper planning, factors causing pasture degradation and climate change mitigation measures. 

Total 58 participants representing administrations, community councils and farmers from Tsovak, Karchaghbyur, Lchavan, Makemis, Tsapatagh, Pambak and Daranak target communities in the RoA Gegharkunik region, as well as Gegharkunik Regional Administration and Sevan National Park SNCO attended the trainings. These trainings are part of the mountain forest and pasture rehabilitation activities planned under the Clima East Pilot Project in Armenia and were conducted in cooperation with the Environmental Projects Implementation Unit of the RoA Ministry of Nature Protection.

Trainings Schedule