International Climate Negotiations Workshop

Date: 29-30/10/2013
Time: Full day
Venue: Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, Vilnius

Delivered in collaboration with the Lithuanian EU Presidency in 2013, this event will bring together key officials and negotiators from the EU, Lithuania and the ENP East partner countries to discuss and exchange views on key issues ahead of the UNFCCC COP meeting (COP.19/CMP.9) in Warsaw in December.

The agenda is expected to include:

  • Climate Science – State of Play: Presentation of the IPCC WG 1 Report
  • Preparations for the 2015 Agreement
  • Expectations of the incoming Polish Presidency for COP.19/CMP.9
  • EU priorities for COP.19/CMP.9,
  • The Framework for Various Approaches and the New Market Mechanism – outcomes for Warsaw
  • Identifying EU- Clima East countries opportunities for cooperation in the context of international negotiations.


  • Clima East Pre-COP 19 Vilnius Workshop agenda_2013 10 29-30.pdf
  • Clima East – Market mechanisms in UNFCCC negotiations Vilnius Marcu 2013 10 30.pdf
  • Clima East – Expectations of the incoming Polish Presidency for COP.19 Vilnius Chruszczow 2013 10 30.pdf
  • Clima East – EU priorities for COP19 Vilnius Auglys 2013 10 30.pdf
  • Clima East – Clima East Project Intro Vilnius Lengyel 2013 10 29.pdf