Clima East Post-COP event brings officials from partner countries and the EU together to discuss issues arising from Warsaw COP and ADP
March 31, 2014

Negotiators and other senior officials from 6 Clima East Partner Countries are meeting in Nicosia along with EU representatives and the Clima East team to discuss COP 19 outcomes and approaches to key issues. 
With the March 2014 ADP gatherings in Bonn recently concluded, outcomes of that process will also… Read more »


Clima East supports adaptation experts from Partner Countries to attend EU LIFE+ ADAPT-TO-CLIMATE Conference

In preparing for its Post-COP negotiators event  in Cyprus, Clima East has built on an opportunity for synergy to support Adaptation experts from Project Partner Countries to attend the International Conference ADAPT -TO-CLIMATE, which took place the week before (27-28/03/2014), providing an opportunity to learn more about an EU Member… Read more »

Supporting climate change adaptation efforts by drinking wine
September 27, 2013

In the light of recent landslides and flash-floods, authorities in Georgia assessed a variety of potential preventative adaptation actions to reduce the threat of future occurrences. The selected ecosystem-based solution recognised that increased vegetation cover in landslide prone areas would help reducing the likelihood of slips. Pleasingly for all who… Read more »

Wide-ranging discussions at Clima East Roadshow in Tbilisi
September 24, 2013

24th and 25th September 2013 saw the opening event of the Clima East Policy Project for Georgia. Specialists from the Georgian government and other key organisations involved in climate change, and from the European Union, compared approaches and issues faced across a wider range of climate related policy areas. Further… Read more »