Opening of the Round 5 for applications to Expert Facility
September 28, 2015

The Expert Facility is one of the channels through which the European Commission funded Clima East project provides technical assistance to Partner Countries’ stakeholders to facilitate the development, adoption and implementation of effective and appropriate climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and actions.
Through this Expert Facility, eligible applicants from… Read more »

Everything you need to know about Expert Facility, in your own language
August 15, 2015

What is the Clima East expert Facility? How can it provide support to the work of my organisation? How to apply? 
Answers to all these questions are now available not only in English and Russian, but in all national languages. Pick you language and get to know everything there is… Read more »

Pilot Project in Armenia: Process of new forest belt establishment in Gegharkunik Marz
May 21, 2015

18,500 seedlings were planted on pilot afforestation site (18.2 ha) in Tsovak community of Gegharkunik region in spring 2015. Tree species adapted to local conditions were selected for planting: feral pear, apple, plumb and cherry as well as walnut, poplar, ash-tree, rowan, maple and acacia. This tree species composition is… Read more »

Pilot project in Armenia: Rehabilitation of 20 ha of degraded natural oak dominated forest through coppicing launched in April 2015
May 6, 2015

Rehabilitation of 20 ha of degraded natural oak dominated forest through coppicing was launched in April 2015 in the scope of the EU-UNDP Clima East Pilot Project in Armenia. The area is located within the administrative borders of Tsapatagh community in Gegharkunik Marz and managed by Sevan National Park SNCO. 

 … Read more »

Pilot Project in Armenia: 1500 tree seedlings planted in Tsapatagh, Gegharkunik Marz

1500 tree seedlings were planted in April 2015 in the scope of the EU-UNDP Clima East Pilot Project in Armenia, in order to establish a windbreak to protect the Tsapatagh community (Gegharkunik Marz) arable lands and orchards. This pilot project aims at demonstrating climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits and… Read more »

Stakeholders Workshop in the Scope of the Mid-term Evaluation (Armenia)
April 27, 2015

Mid-term evaluation mission to Armenia, carried out by an independent international evaluator, took place on 19-23 April 2015. Along the series of meetings, discussions, interviews with the project stakeholders and the project team the mission agenda also included a field trip to the pilot areas in Gegharkunik region.
The mission… Read more »

Pilot Project in Armenia: A new forest belt in Tsovak community of Gegharkunik Marz
April 20, 2015

A new forest belt establishment was launched in the Tsovak community of Gegharkunik Marz.
The event was covered by the Armenian Media Armenpress (click here to read the article) and the Gegharkunik regional channel Qyavar TV, that broadcast a video material (in Armenian) on it…. Read more »

Clima East partner countries come together to discuss common issues and challenges of pasture management and formulate specific needs for policy changes
June 26, 2014

Bringing together key regional stakeholders, Clima East supported a workshop focussed on practical and policy issues in the management of pastures for protection of eco-systems and tackling climate change. 
Involving participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova,  the meeting held in Tbilisi on 3-4 June 2014 was a first opportunity… Read more »

Clima East Post-COP event brings officials from partner countries and the EU together to discuss issues arising from Warsaw COP and ADP
March 31, 2014

Negotiators and other senior officials from 6 Clima East Partner Countries are meeting in Nicosia along with EU representatives and the Clima East team to discuss COP 19 outcomes and approaches to key issues. 
With the March 2014 ADP gatherings in Bonn recently concluded, outcomes of that process will also… Read more »


Clima East supports adaptation experts from Partner Countries to attend EU LIFE+ ADAPT-TO-CLIMATE Conference

In preparing for its Post-COP negotiators event  in Cyprus, Clima East has built on an opportunity for synergy to support Adaptation experts from Project Partner Countries to attend the International Conference ADAPT -TO-CLIMATE, which took place the week before (27-28/03/2014), providing an opportunity to learn more about an EU Member… Read more »