Clima East: Working with the Eastern Partnership Countries on Climate Change

Date: 18 January 2016
Time: 12:30-14:00
Venue: External Cooperation Infopoint, Rue de la Loi 43, Ground Floor, Brussels (Belgium)

The Clima East Policy project organised a Lunch Time Conference and Q&A Session at the External Cooperation Infopoint in Brussels, on 18 January 2016. This short conference allowed Clima East to present its activities and its insight on the follow-up of the Paris Conference in the Eastern Partnership. 

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Workshop on Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Modelling Tools

Date: 17-18 December 2015
Time: 2 full days
Venue: Best Western Congress Hotel, 1 Italy Str., Yerevan, Armenia

The Clima East Project organised a 2-days workshop on Climate Change vulnerability assessment modelling tools in Yerevan, Armenia, in the framework of Expert Facility. The workshop gathered involved stakeholders around Expert Dr. Elizabeth Strange who presented the various available vulnerability modelling tools and their integration within the Armenian Climate Change… Read more »

Climate cooperation between the EU and the Eastern Partnership (COP21 Side event)

Date: 5 December 2015
Time: 12:45-13:45
Venue: EU Pavilion, Hall 2B (Blue Zone), Le Bourget, France

The European Commission Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA), together with Clima East, held a side event in the frame of the Paris COP21 meeting on 5 December 2015, from 12:45 to 13:45. This event is part of the thematic programme “celebrate international cooperation, carbon markets”.
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Soil and land for climate change mitigation and adaptation (COP21 Side event)

Date: 1 December 2015
Time: 16:30-18:00
Venue: EU Pavilion, Hall 2B (Blue Zone), Le Bourget, France

The Clima East Pilot projects held a side event in Paris in the frame of COP21, together with the European Union Joint Research Centre and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). The event took palce on Tuesday 1 December in the EU Pavilion. 
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2°C: Understanding Climate Change Policy and the Importance of the Paris Conference

Date: 30 November 2015
Time: 13:15-17:00
Venue: Expo Georgia, 118 Tsereteli Ave., Tbilisi, Georgia

The EU Delegation to Georgia is organising, with the support of Clima East, an awareness raising event on the same day as the start of the climate summit in Paris.
The objective of this awareness raising event is to discuss Georgia and European Union experiences and plans to contribute to… Read more »

EU – Neighbourhood partner countries meeting on the expected 2015 Paris Climate Agreement

Date: 19 November 2015
Time: Full day
Venue: Brussels, Belgium

A few days ahead of the Paris COP 21 meeting, Clima East and Clima South Partner countries representatives will gather with the European Commission in Brussels to discuss the expected 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. This meeting will take place on 19 November in Brussels.
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Regional conference on Ecosystem–based adaptation and lessons for national adaptation planning

Date: 22-23 September 2015
Time: 2 full days
Venue: Chisinau, Moldova

This regional conference was organised jointly by the Clima East Policy and Pilot projects and took place in Chisinau (Moldova), on 22 and 23 September 2015. The objective of the conference was to provide Clima East Pilot projects’ and policy stakeholders with information on ecosystem-based approaches empowering them to formulate… Read more »

Meeting in the framework of the Clima East Project in Belarus supporting the preparation of the INDC of Belarus

Date: 3 September 2015
Time: Afternoon
Venue: Minsk, Belarus

On 3 September 2015, the Clima East Project organised a meeting in the framework of the Clima East Project in Belarus regarding the Support to preparation of selected mitigation components of the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to 2015 Agreement of Belarus. 
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Regional Workshop on Challenges in addressing Climate Change and Eco-system Based Approach in Peatlands

Date: 25-26 August 2015
Time: 2 full days
Venue: Minsk, Belarus

The Clima East Policy and Pilots projects have been jointly holding a regional workshop on Challenges in addressing Climate Change and ecosystem-based approch in peatlands in Minsk on 25 and 26 August 2015. The workshop allowed the participants from  among the Clima East countries in peatlands management and GHG monitoring … Read more »

MRV Regional Workshop

Date: 28-29 July 2015
Time: 2 full days
Venue: Kiev, Ukraine

Clima East Policy Project is organising a two-day MRV regional workshop on 28 and 29 July 2015 in Kiev. 
The aim of MRV training and mentoring is to build up capacities of Partner Countries to understand the concept of MRV of industrial installations, and to acquire capabilities to prepare institutional… Read more »